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What is the Sparta Challenge?sparta-challenge

Since 2008, The Sparta Challenge is a 60-DAY comprehensive workout and nutrition program designed to get all participants in the best physical shape of their lives.

This 60 day/8 week fitness challenge is designed to get you hard-core results. Complete with 43 workouts, accountability coaching, and powerful nutrition tools, this program is ideal for any self-starter individual, fitness club, Crossfit box, personal trainer, or small group at an apartment complex gym that wants to take their fitness to the next level. The culmination of this hard-core program is the completion of a complete timed “Filthy 50” CrossFit Workout and/or the “300 Workout”, and other fitness challenges and tests, depending on fitness level.

Interestingly, the Sparta Challenge was originally inspired by the original “300 Workout“, also known as the “300-rep Spartan workout“—used by the cast of the movie—for a full-body transformation during their preparation. It was made popular, primarily by the Men’s Health article.

The Sparta Challenge goes well beyond the original concept of the 300-Workout, and predates any of the popular obstacle course races you see today. We have developed an entire training program that helps someone just starting out to develop all the functional strength necessary to safely and effectively conquer the original 300 Workout, and much more.

60-Day Participants have reported:

  • Strength Increases
  • Endurance Increases
  • Muscle Mass Increases
  • Body Sculpting Results

Upon completion of this hard-core 60-day Sparta workout, participants should be able to perform many other benchmark workouts and fitness tests.

To be a Spartan Champion, one must complete the training and finish a final test and report their results.

Who Is The Sparta Challenge For?

This Challenge is perfect for anyone of average health* who wants to…

  • Get in their best possible physical shape
  • Increase their edge over competitors in any sport
  • Cut body fat and increase strength…
  • …Or just wants to look great in a swimsuit.
  • Any fitness professional (personal trainer or CrossFit Coach) looking to add a great contest or challenge to their gym or boot camp program. For more information on becoming a Sparta Challenge Coach, CLICK HERE.

*Of course, please consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise or diet program of any kind. 

women can compete too

This 60-Day Comprehensive Program Includes:

  • Tested and approved Sparta Challenge Workouts delivered every week to your email inbox
  • Free 10-Minute Expert Coaching Session From Approved Sparta Challenge Coaches
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Safe Supplement Recommendations To Maximize Results



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  1. This is no joke, just got started on everything after the consult. I was actually surprised how professional everything was, the guide you sent me was clear and easy to follow, plus the supplement suggestions totally help since I have no clue what works and what is safe. Will be tracking my results and time!

    Thanks, For Sparta!

  2. Man, this is really cool. It is cool to see actual pictures and realize these are real people getting results, and actually talk to people. So much stuff on the internet is fake photos, and claiming Acai berry actually does something.

    This program is legit. 2″ off my waist in the first 8 days, stopped drinking energy drinks like they said with NO CRASH, and my strength has gone up, I put up 20lbs more on my normal bench workout. Not to mention you don’t get sore with the post-workout recovery stuff, that is huge! Thanks guys


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